Of the beauty of Stars

This program was conceived around the theme of the star whose splendor reminds the beloved one of many composers. Around the figure of Johannes Ciconia, this program also includes a selection of works by Matteo Da Perugia, Guillaume de Machaut or Pietro Rosso. Dreamer stars, burning stars, each composer reveals in his own way the beauty and splendor of music from the 14th and 15th centuries through this suggestive image…

If the “Magister Ciconia de Leodio” signature (which appears in the Canonici 213 manuscript) tells us that Johannes Ciconia comes from Liège, we have little information about the life of this composer. In the Middle Age, it is not uncommon for a musician to travel across Europe. In the case of Johannes Ciconia, we discovered that he arrived in Italy in the early 1410s. We can imagine that he composed ballads, motets, incredible canons… there. His talent can easily be understood and his compositions, which highlight a subtle blend of French and Italian writings of that time, allow us to appreciate his large knowledge of the cultures of these two countries.

Lucente Stella, Ballade anonyme, Codex Rossi

Chi nel servir antico, Ballade de J. Ciconia, Codex Lucca

Pres du soloil, Ballade de M. Da Perugia

Ave Maris Stella, Anonyme, Codex Faenza

Per quella strada, Madrigal de J. Ciconia, Codex Lucca

Nes que on porroit, Ballade de G. De Machaut

O stella chi a respiender, Ballade de P. Rosso, MS Can. Misc. 213

Le ray au soleyl, Canon de J. Ciconia, Codex Lucca