Does the Middle Age end in Italy?

The instrumental pieces of the London manuscript (codex 29987), a Tuscan manuscript from thelate 14th – begining of the 15th century, gathered in the London Library collections, are one of the oldest ever preserved. Mostly anonymous, these pieces are no less of a great variety. From the Lamento di Tristano, of a rare lyricism, to the nobility of Palamento, through Belicha, a great descriptive musical fresco on the theme of war, these pieces dive us into the particularly inspiring sound of imaginary from the medieval period.

Lucente stella, Codex Rossi

Saltarello, Ms. de Londres

Lamento di Tristano & Rotta, Anonyme, Ms. de Londres

Pièce sans titre, Codex Faenza, f. 54v-56v

Chi nel servir & Caçando une giorno, Ciconia

De tout flors, Guillaume de Machaut, Codex Faenza

Palamento, Anonyme, Ms. de Londres

Vergine bella, Guillaume Dufay

Belicha, Anonyme, Ms. de Londres