About us

‘Apotropaïque’ is a French adjective meaning an object or saying used to protect against evil or misfortune. The members of the ApotropaïK ensemble chose this evocative name to unite them in their passion for medieval music. They met at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon and were taught by some of the leading specialists in medieval music.
The repertoire of the ensemble goes from the twelfth century to the fifteenth century, from the first troubadours’ songs to the birth of Renaissance music. The ensemble is particularly interested in instrumental or vocal monodies such as the French and Italian estampies or the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Its members also like to immerse themselves in the repertoire of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries by playing the instrumental diminutions of the Faenza Codex or the Buxheimer Orgelbuch, the Bourgogne court songs or the melodies of the heart-shaped songbook.
The ensemble gave its first performances at the Cluny medieval music centre in Paris in November 2016. Then, after winning the first prize at the Journées de musiques anciennes de Vanves competition in November 2017, they were invited to several festivals and concert venues in France and Europe. In July 2022, they took part in the York International Young Artists Competition, winning the Friends of York Early Music Festival prize, the EEEMERGING prize and the Cambridge Early Music prize.
ApotropaïK is in residence at the Royaumont Foundation (2023-2025).

The first recording of the ensemble : “Bella Donna” is available since june 2023 (label Édition des Abbesses).